Music Review: King Cold’s ‘#ChampionsAdjust’

Aspiring rap collective King Cold, formed by artists AC Cold, Charle Sky, Absolutely Deplorable and producer StuntinSteve, offer a follow up to their debut project “King Cold EP1,” which encompassed a blend of R&B and atmospheric hip-hop production.

The group’s latest project “#ChampionsAdjust,” however, diverges from its predecessor’s vocal-heavy choruses and introspective subject matter, instead embracing a humorous and creative tone. The project contains collaborative and individual tracks from both AC and Deplorable, who provide comedic stories centered on the group’s financial exploits, fondness for thick women, and countless weed expeditions.

The project begins with the song “Run Through The Check,” illustrating the group’s reckless spending as they flaunt their wealth. Producer StuntinSteve’s stimulating hi hats and electrifying synths elevate the track into an anthem, one that abandons the concept of a budget.

“It doesn’t matter if your wealthy or your ballin’ on a budget/Haven’t treated myself in so long a nigga just said fuck it.” StuntinSteve’s production establishes the album’s sonic direction, which allows Cold to expand on their comedic exploits over lively trap beats.

Following the aggressive “Let Me Breathe, which confronts people who have tried stampeding Cold’s rising notoriety, the project takes on its central comedic theme, one that’s expressed through songs such as “Large Ice Tea” and “Fully Stocked On Thots.” The track “Large Ice Tea (LIT),” details AC’s mission to fulfill his hunger following a smoke session. The item of choice, of course, an owe to McDonald’s large ice tea and 10-piece nugget.

On “Fully Stocked On Thots,” Cold expands on the project’s misogynistic remanence, one that borders the line of distaste and guilty pleasure, as its created with an infectiously catchy and carefree energy. “I’m fully stocked on thots/ I re-upped all my hoes/ They say that I’m a hoarder/ But I can’t let them go.” Despite these song’s occasional laughs, however, much of the project fails to garner the same level of charm.

Overall, “#ChampionsAdjust” suffers from mediocre lyrics and flat storytelling, which stiffens the momentum the project’s production largely creates. Their efforts to develop a well-structured body of work falters, as they rely on unamusing comedic spots to fill their listener’s musical appetite.

Cold’s music reflects its off-brand sense of comedy, but one that fails to offer enjoyable music to combat its overt topics, as most of the tracks consists of corny middle school gags and sonic duds.

However, noteworthy highlights such as the album’s opener and closer “Believe In Me” showcases the group’s abilities, as AC and Deplorable harness their eccentric personalities to create structured songs. In the future, Cold should continue integrating their personalities organically, rather than forcibly attempting to split lanes with artists such as Lil B or Ugly God.

— Flypaper Magazine

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