Music Review: Yaves’ ‘In Springs Ear’

Artist Yaves has become a mainstay in Columbus’ music scene, as he’s proven to be one of the most established veterans in the city.

His projects “History in Progress” and “In Summers Ear” have elevated his arising fan base, who’ve become drawn to Yaves’ lyrical depictions of the drugs, violence and injustices that surround him, as well as the spiritual transformation that’s reshaped his new-found eminence.

Yaves’ latest project “In Springs Ear” is one of inspiration, as he channels this feeling through liberating messages of self-love, resilience and determination.

The album’s title track “In Springs Ear” establishes its aspiring tone, as Yaves encourages people to be secure within themselves, and thankful for what their god has given them.

He reflects on how his individuality eliminated the doubt and negativity that once hindered his growth, as his accomplishments and connection with god prompted his mental elation. “It’s a beautiful thing to just be you/It’s a beautiful thing/To not try to conform to what they want you to be/But to be secure with the uniqueness god has given you.”

Through the inspirational messages the project conveys, Yaves uses his past experiences to detail his growth, both mentally and spiritually. The tracks “Fairytale” and “Survival” detail Yaves’ past growing up in Columbus, and how he escaped potentially tumultuous moments in his life.

On the song “Fairytale,” Yaves describes the past world of drugs and violence he engaged in, as he sold drugs among others in the trade. “I remember staring at the pyramids/ on mount Vernon towers like wonder what the difference is/ Between me and all of the dope boys/Stash box, crack rocks, the size of an Altoid.”

Though most of the songs on the project are from an individual perspective, Yaves uses his experiences to help breed inspiration, thought and emotion within his listeners, especially toward larger social topics. One of the most compelling messages he emphasizes on the project is “Dreams Too – King Tyre,” as he discusses the killing of 13-year-old Tyre King, who was shot and killed by Columbus police this past summer.

Rather than Yaves directly confronting King’s death, he refers to individuals who discount the impact of police killings, and argue that black on black crime overshadows this nation-wide issue. Yaves explains the statement’s irony, as he explains how situations like King, Trayvon Martin, and Mike Brown have deeply affected our country.

“In Springs Ear” serves as a mark of inspiration, as Yaves’ messages of self-determination, love and survival are seamlessly engraved in each of its tracks.

Rather than sounding preachy, his supreme lyrical ability allows him to flow freely on a myriad of infectious beats, which he uses to address the obstacles he’s faced on his journey to manhood. Yaves acknowledges his past experiences growing up around drugs, violence, and injustices, to inspire those living under similar circumstances to find light in the darkness.

Despite his unpromising past, he’s garnered an array of accomplishments, which he attributes to his self-determination and spiritual connection. Overall, this is another enjoyable project from Yaves, and one that can stand among the best in 2016.

— Flypaper Magazine

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