Columbus Film Festival

June 7, 2016

The 2016 Film Festival of Columbus–also known as the FFOCOL- is a considerably new event that’s celebrating only its fifth year since its inception in 2011.

The festival was established to display the illustrious work of a diverse group of filmmakers, all of which among the best independent film directors in the world.

The event has since expanded, further substantiating the city of Columbus, Ohio, as a destination for film and filmmaking. Also, developing a community of moviegoers that truly appreciate not only great independent flicks, but the passion that goes into developing these films, the emotions they provoke and the art that is cinema.

FFOCOL has definitely made its mark and this year is no different. The event is going to take place at Gateway Theater between N. High St and 11th Avenue, June 2-11.

There will be a wide range of pieces that include “Maya Angelou: Still I Rise,” “Catch 22,” “Oasis,” etc. For those interested in exploring these films, here is a complete list of movies and show times that are available during this week-long plus exhibition.

Lastly, those interested in volunteering or becoming a sponsor for this eminent event, FFOCOL is openly accepting these individuals on their website at

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