Columbus: Top International Restaurants

May 11, 2016

International Restaurants

Columbus, OH, is a city of diversity and encompasses a wide range of different cultures, races and ethnicities.

The integration of these customs has greatly benefited the city and has introduced us to a variety of unique dishes and cuisines.

Let’s look at some of the best restaurants that have managed to import their culture, and fuse it with our own to create a staple within the capital.

  • Nada (Arena District)

The blend of authentic Mexican cuisine and cocktails is an extravagant one to behold. You’re welcomed in with chips, salsa and guacamole at the table. Great service and an open aesthetic design anyone could appreciate, especially as the summer approaches. The entrees are fresh, innovative and mouthwatering from end-to-end. The margaritas can be slightly pricey, but made with naturally enrich ingredients.

Suggested Dish: Braised Chicken Enchiladas

  • Mac’s Café (Short North)

Mac’s Café is a local pub that has embraced the finest of Scottish-inspired decadents. The place is bound with a mahogany wood surface, vintage sports memorabilia and Irish flags. Some of the local favorites include the Scottish Eggs, Sauerkraut balls and the famous Guinness stew.

The beer is cheap, the food is great and you’ll be sure to start a conversation with someone you’d think you’ve known for years. During the day you can bring your family, the evening your wife and at night you can bring your boys/girls to throw back a few drinks and watch the game.

Suggested Dish: Mike Brown Burger

  • BD’s Mongolian Grill (Easton)

Mongolian BBQ is a stir fried dish that initially originated by the Taiwanese in the 1970s. Since the establishment of BD’s Mongolian Grill, the dish has made its way into the hearts of Central Ohioans. At BD’s you can pick your own vegetables, meats, cheeses, sauces and spices.

Then, you salivate as you watch your food being cooked over a round iron grill in the most dramatic of fashion. The chefs toss and flip your food in unison as they sing, dance and jest throughout the night. At the end, your appetite will be beyond further fulfillment.

Suggested Dish: Everything!

  • Addis Restaurant (Linden Area)

Addis is a local Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurant on the north side of Columbus between Cleveland Ave. and Cooke Rd. Though the outside of the place isn’t the most appealing, the dining room is beautifully embellished and the menu is complete with some of the finest Ethiopian cuisine.

A cuisine that incorporates some of the most unique spices, textures and sauces imported outside the city. The prices are more than affordable, especially when you consider the large portions that are dispersed. The meals range between $9.99-$15.00 and a side of veggies is only an additional $3.

Suggested Dish: Tibs Veggie Mahbarawi

  • Kona Grill (Easton)

For those of you looking for fresh food, a high-class modernized aesthetic, and a menu that offers a variety of both American and Asian foods, come to Kona Grill. Their award-winning sushi is hand-crafted and palatable even for the casual seafood connoisseur.

When you enter the restaurant you’re met with a great hostess/waiter and a lush metropolitan atmosphere with a beautiful waterfall built along the stairs. The menu includes signatures such as Filets, Almond-Crusted Pork Tenderloins and the acclaimed Macadamia Nut Chicken.

Suggested Dish: Crab Crunch Sushi Rolls

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