Alexander Wang Fall ’17

Alexander Wang has been known to make statements in the fashion world. Since his debut in 2007, he’s had the ability to create trends that break boundaries in today’s industry. It’s his mark, and one that’s widened as his career has expanded internationally.

The release of the Alexander Wang Fall 2017 Menswear Collection further showcased his creative ingenuity, as he captured the vintage look of teen horror flicks, most notably Stephen King’s novel-turned-film, “Christine,” released the year of Wang’s birth (1983).

Wang’s new men’s collection took inspiration from the film’s mystifying look. The dark, molded tones consumed much of the collection’s color palette, as images of ’80s automobiles were layered across hoodies and jackets with the words “Slow and Steady,” a homage to King’s killer car film.

Throughout the collection, the images ventured deeper into the automobile motif that’s drawn from King’s film. Cotton tees featured embroideries of women on motorcycles, an advertisement of the “1-800-REAPER” hot line, and lightning bolts running down the shirt’s back. Beyond the matte-toned auto graphics, placements of meshed, plaid fabrics, leathered fur coats, and checkered sport shorts added to the nostalgia.

Though Wang’s collection reflected the sleek and obscured style of the era, he wanted to modernize the piece’s tapering and cuts to fit today’s standards. It was his attempt to balance the lines of comfort and luxury, and one that was executed successfully. The looks are centered on loosely tailored tops, sweatpants, and motocross trousers with black and red symbols down the outer seams. Multi-layered shirts and hoodies have been a staple in today’s fashion, and Wang adds elongated trench coats and motorcycle jackets with leather backpacks to accompany the emerging trend.

The collection isn’t entirely engulfed in teen horror. The second half of Wang’s collection, the first to feature pieces from Wang’s “T” men’s line, offers some distinct variety. Elements like faded black pants, striped shirts, and leaf-covered bomber jackets were all contemporary pieces that reflect the comfortably-luxurious designs seen in today’s runway. Embracing minimalistic silhouettes can be added to complement any fall and winter outfit.

Wang’s attempt to turn his affinity for King’s “Christine” into a contemporary collection was met with acclaim. It’s fitting for a season entrenched in mist-filled nights — the elongated trench coats, embroidered hoodies and long-sleeve tees were indicative of the season’s temperament. Wang captured the austere feel of the autumn season.

The success of the collection’s release signifies Wang’s genius, and his ability to integrate vintage looks with those of modern couture. It’s a look that’s captured by the use of jogger sweatpants or sports shorts, 80’s graphic tees, high-top boots, and bomber jackets accessorized by lurid winter hats and leather fanny packs.  

– Thread Magazine

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