Business mogul Jay-Z named hip-hop’s first billionaire

On Monday, Jay-Z was officially named hip-hop’s first billionaire. According to Forbes, the man’s stakes in multi-million dollar businesses has cemented his long-standing status as an international business mogul.

Rather than simply endorse brands, the rapper, born Shawn Carter, used his likeness and self-described “hustler’s mentality” to build his own properties and fashion, music, entertainment and tech companies.

Forbes estimated the rapper’s total assets based on his ownership and investments, then subtracted large amounts to account for his “superstar lifestyle.”

Here’s a list of businesses the 49-year-old has stake in or owns, making up his $1 billion-plus fortune:

  • Ownership of the streaming service TIDAL ($100 million)
  • Ownership of the Roc Nation entertainment management group
  • Real estate holdings and his music catalog ($50 million)
  • Stake in Uber ($70 million)
  • His art collection ($70 million)

And with mega pop-star Beyonce along his side, it surely makes things a little easier. With her earnings at an estimated $350 million, the couple has been worth over $1 billion since 2017.

Though artist and producer Dr. Dre claimed he was the genre’s first billionaire in 2014, after selling the headphone and streaming music service Beats Music to Apple, Forbes contested his claims.  While the super-producer’s net worth did rise to $1.1 billion following the deal, both local and state taxes chipped his earnings just below the 1 billion-dollar mark.

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