Columbus: A City in Protest

July 11, 2016 In the wake of the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, the nation has finally reached its breaking point. In the last four-to-five years, young black men from Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and Eric Garner have lost their lives by the hands of the police. Individuals who are considered our protectors … Continue reading Columbus: A City in Protest

Columbus: Violent Summers

July 6, 2016 The summers of Columbus, OH, are times of exploration, unity and enjoyment. A celebration of the beautiful landscapes, alluring skies, and the proud people that make up this virtuous city. This city generates breathes of new energy that infect those that embrace its attractions and the multitude of events that coincide with them. … Continue reading Columbus: Violent Summers

Eye of The Epidemic

Ohio’s Top Rank In Overdose Deaths Encourages Students To Spread Awareness ATHENS – In an attempt to draw attention to Ohio’s out-of-control opioid and heroin overdose epidemic, campus organization Ohio Heroes Against Heroin (OHAH) stepped up its awareness efforts Tuesday with a daylong event in Walter Hall’s Rotunda. Ohio University College of Health Science and … Continue reading Eye of The Epidemic

The Richland Wall: Course of Establishment

Students Wrote On The Richland Wall, Encouraging Student5s To Vote For Democratic Candidate Sarah Grace For Ohio State Representative ATHENS - In anticipation of the election on November 8, Ohio University (OU) students wrote on the Richland Wall, encouraging students to vote for aspiring representative of Ohio’s 94th House District, Democratic candidate Sarah Grace in … Continue reading The Richland Wall: Course of Establishment

90 Minute Series: Charlie Savage

OU students welcome New York Times reporter Charlie Savage ATHENS- Ohio University (OU) welcomed reporter Charlie Savage on Wednesday night, to discuss his career as a journalist covering both President Barack Obama, and former President George W. Bush’s administrations, and the importance of unbiased reporting regarding political controversy. As a part of its “90 Minutes” … Continue reading 90 Minute Series: Charlie Savage

The Richland Wall: The Process of Creation

In the aftermath of the racially-charged vandalism that covered the surface of Ohio University’s (OU) Richland Wall, the community has since taken steps to prevent these acts in the future. However, the organization that created the original mural are still inflamed from the hate-filled defacement that sent a polarizing wave through the Athens community. Students … Continue reading The Richland Wall: The Process of Creation

Black Alumni Weekend (Ohio University)

Weeks of anticipation have finally brought upon this momentous weekend. One that’s among the most celebrated on campus and has made an amassed impact since its inception nearly 30 years ago. Black Alumni Reunion (BAR) weekend generates breathes of new energy and reveals an elk of black culture that’s often under represented. Which, has heightened … Continue reading Black Alumni Weekend (Ohio University)

Controversial Markings: The Richland Wall

Inklings of racial controversy were written onto the Richland Wall, leaving Ohio University students in a mass uproar. The incident that has arisen is the painting of racial slurs over a mural on the Richland Wall this past Tuesday. The mural, which symbolized a painting of an African Sahara, was covered with the silhouette of … Continue reading Controversial Markings: The Richland Wall

Communal Conflict

October 13, 2015 Since the early phases of human civilization countries have constantly been in conflict among one another, especially within the Global South. Countries of the Global South are underdeveloped countries predominantly located in the Southern Hemisphere of the world. The Global South contains governments that are below the income-per capita $2,700 threshold, and are … Continue reading Communal Conflict