Everyday Struggle’s Ease Into The Culture

The culture didn’t need another platform. With publications like XXL, Complex, and Rap Radar transitioning to Internet based content, the accessibility to news is seemingly at the readers’ finger tips. As most people in media know now, however, is there’s been a transition within the internet. Rather than viewers gravitating toward elongated news stories, people … Continue reading Everyday Struggle’s Ease Into The Culture

Columbus: Top International Restaurants

May 11, 2016 International Restaurants Columbus, OH, is a city of diversity and encompasses a wide range of different cultures, races and ethnicities. The integration of these customs has greatly benefited the city and has introduced us to a variety of unique dishes and cuisines. Let’s look at some of the best restaurants that have … Continue reading Columbus: Top International Restaurants

2016 Annual Poetry Slam

OUABJ’S Poetry Slam Ascends To New Heights, With Students Requesting A Second Event In The Spring ATHENS– The Ohio University Association of Black Journalists (OUABJ) hosted its 4th annual Poetry Slam on November 4, in the Baker Center Theater and received the largest crowd since the events inception, with students requesting a second slam in … Continue reading 2016 Annual Poetry Slam

Black Alumni Weekend (Ohio University)

Weeks of anticipation have finally brought upon this momentous weekend. One that’s among the most celebrated on campus and has made an amassed impact since its inception nearly 30 years ago. Black Alumni Reunion (BAR) weekend generates breathes of new energy and reveals an elk of black culture that’s often under represented. Which, has heightened … Continue reading Black Alumni Weekend (Ohio University)

2015: The Greatest Year in Rap?

December 29, 2015 The origins of hip-hop have been well documented. Hip-hop began as a progressive movement in the inner city of the South Bronx during the mid-to-late 1970’s. New York during this period was a time of diversity and integration, but also a time of violence and poverty that was unprecedented in the inklings … Continue reading 2015: The Greatest Year in Rap?

Powers Beyond Fiction

January 3, 2016 The superhero flick has easily become a global staple within the film industry. Studios have continued to develop these films in hopes of generating massive profits that often times they themselves create. These profits are largely based on the budget shattering action sequences and technologically defying special effects that kindle a sense … Continue reading Powers Beyond Fiction

Hip Hop: The False Revolution

Following the mental excursion of the Civil and Human Rights Movement of the 1960s and 1970s, black people wanted to reshape a cultural identity, and part of that identity spawned into hip-hop. When hip-hop was first introduced in the late ’70s, it was widely considered an artistic rebellion for creative freedom. It was established within … Continue reading Hip Hop: The False Revolution