Music Review: Bizz’s “This 2 Shall Pass”

Bizz is the quintessential conscious rapper. He embodies the qualities hip hop purists have revered, as he stirs from the new legion of artists who supplement substance for repetitive ad-libs and an overreliance on 808’s. Instead, Bizz opts to retain the components of alternative rap music, mirroring the styles of artists like J. Cole, Joey … Continue reading Music Review: Bizz’s “This 2 Shall Pass”

Music Review: Big James & Kent’s “FRVRGOLD EP”

FRVRGOLD, the name of Big James and Kent’s collaborative effort sounds like a continuation of James’ latest project, NASAGOLD, which garnered praise upon its release in December 2016. But it’s clear from track one that this isn’t a continuation. If anything, it’s the revolution of James’ sound and the culmination of his maturity as an … Continue reading Music Review: Big James & Kent’s “FRVRGOLD EP”

Everyday Struggle’s Ease Into The Culture

The culture didn’t need another platform. With publications like XXL, Complex, and Rap Radar transitioning to Internet based content, the accessibility to news is seemingly at the readers’ finger tips. As most people in media know now, however, is there’s been a transition within the internet. Rather than viewers gravitating toward elongated news stories, people … Continue reading Everyday Struggle’s Ease Into The Culture

Music Review: Big James’ “NASAGOLD EP”

Big James’ “NASAGOLD EP” guides us on a blunt ash-filled trail through his life as a rising artist in the city. He illustrates his experiences with mystic and aerial production crafted by longtime producer, Sean Starks. Similar to 2015’s “NASA EP,” Starks’ production offers a sound that seamlessly blends with James’ laidback vocals, which he … Continue reading Music Review: Big James’ “NASAGOLD EP”

Music Review: King Cold’s “#ChampionsAdjust”

Aspiring rap collective King Cold, formed by artists AC Cold, Charle Sky, Absolutely Deplorable and producer StuntinSteve, offer a follow up to their debut project “King Cold EP1,” which encompassed a blend of R&B and atmospheric hip-hop production. Their latest project “#ChampionsAdjust,” however, diverges from its predecessor’s vocal-heavy choruses and introspective subject matter, instead embracing … Continue reading Music Review: King Cold’s “#ChampionsAdjust”

Music Review: Yaves’ “In Springs Ear”

Artist Yaves has become a mainstay in Columbus’ music scene, as he’s proven to be one of the most established veterans in the city. His projects “History in Progress” and “In Summers Ear” have elevated his arising fan base, who’ve become drawn to Yaves’ lyrical depictions of the drugs, violence and injustices that surround him, … Continue reading Music Review: Yaves’ “In Springs Ear”

Music Review: Tae Fresh’s “Chances”

The trap sound has become a staple in the city, as many artists have attempted to duplicate its formula, one that garners the attention of listeners searching for music that speaks to them. Artist Tae Fresh is at the forefront of this sound, one he’s elevated through his stories of struggle growing up in North … Continue reading Music Review: Tae Fresh’s “Chances”

Music Review: Taco Ve’l’s “#TacoTunesday”

Taco Ve’l is an aspiring rap artist from St. Louis, MO, who’s slowly gained notoriety in the city, as he’s carved out a muddied grunge-inspired sound he can call his own. Taco’s latest project “#TacoTunesday” displays the dark and mystic atmosphere his sound encompasses, which he uses to document his views on society, drugs, women, … Continue reading Music Review: Taco Ve’l’s “#TacoTunesday”

Music Review: Karyzmatik’s “Tribe Mentality”

Karyzmatik’s Project “Tribe Mentality” Generates Nostalgic Feelings Artist Karyzmatik of the rap collective “Tribe,” drops the follow up from last year’s “TRVP YVYO,” which encompassed a compilation of trap-inspired songs and archaic production. However, his latest project “Tribe Mentality” deviates entirely from its predecessor, instead disbanding its trendy sound and adopting the east coast aesthetic … Continue reading Music Review: Karyzmatik’s “Tribe Mentality”

2015: The Greatest Year in Rap?

December 29, 2015 The origins of hip-hop have been well documented. Hip-hop began as a progressive movement in the inner city of the South Bronx during the mid-to-late 1970’s. New York during this period was a time of diversity and integration, but also a time of violence and poverty that was unprecedented in the inklings … Continue reading 2015: The Greatest Year in Rap?