Music Review: King Cold’s “#ChampionsAdjust”

Aspiring rap collective King Cold, formed by artists AC Cold, Charle Sky, Absolutely Deplorable and producer StuntinSteve, offer a follow up to their debut project “King Cold EP1,” which encompassed a blend of R&B and atmospheric hip-hop production. Their latest project “#ChampionsAdjust,” however, diverges from its predecessor’s vocal-heavy choruses and introspective subject matter, instead embracing … Continue reading Music Review: King Cold’s “#ChampionsAdjust”

Music Review: Yaves’ “In Springs Ear”

Artist Yaves has become a mainstay in Columbus’ music scene, as he’s proven to be one of the most established veterans in the city. His projects “History in Progress” and “In Summers Ear” have elevated his arising fan base, who’ve become drawn to Yaves’ lyrical depictions of the drugs, violence and injustices that surround him, … Continue reading Music Review: Yaves’ “In Springs Ear”

Music Review: Tae Fresh’s “Chances”

The trap sound has become a staple in the city, as many artists have attempted to duplicate its formula, one that garners the attention of listeners searching for music that speaks to them. Artist Tae Fresh is at the forefront of this sound, one he’s elevated through his stories of struggle growing up in North … Continue reading Music Review: Tae Fresh’s “Chances”