Music Review: Big James & Kent’s “FRVRGOLD EP”

FRVRGOLD, the name of Big James and Kent’s collaborative effort sounds like a continuation of James’ latest project, NASAGOLD, which garnered praise upon its release in December 2016. But it’s clear from track one that this isn’t a continuation. If anything, it’s the revolution of James’ sound and the culmination of his maturity as an … Continue reading Music Review: Big James & Kent’s “FRVRGOLD EP”

Music Review: Big James’ “NASAGOLD EP”

Big James’ “NASAGOLD EP” guides us on a blunt ash-filled trail through his life as a rising artist in the city. He illustrates his experiences with mystic and aerial production crafted by longtime producer, Sean Starks. Similar to 2015’s “NASA EP,” Starks’ production offers a sound that seamlessly blends with James’ laidback vocals, which he … Continue reading Music Review: Big James’ “NASAGOLD EP”