Music Review: Bizz’s “This 2 Shall Pass”

Bizz is the quintessential conscious rapper. He embodies the qualities hip hop purists have revered, as he stirs from the new legion of artists who supplement substance for repetitive ad-libs and an overreliance on 808’s. Instead, Bizz opts to retain the components of alternative rap music, mirroring the styles of artists like J. Cole, Joey … Continue reading Music Review: Bizz’s “This 2 Shall Pass”

Music Review: Big James’ “NASAGOLD EP”

Big James’ “NASAGOLD EP” guides us on a blunt ash-filled trail through his life as a rising artist in the city. He illustrates his experiences with mystic and aerial production crafted by longtime producer, Sean Starks. Similar to 2015’s “NASA EP,” Starks’ production offers a sound that seamlessly blends with James’ laidback vocals, which he … Continue reading Music Review: Big James’ “NASAGOLD EP”