The Richland Wall: Course of Establishment

Students Wrote On The Richland Wall, Encouraging Student5s To Vote For Democratic Candidate Sarah Grace For Ohio State Representative ATHENS - In anticipation of the election on November 8, Ohio University (OU) students wrote on the Richland Wall, encouraging students to vote for aspiring representative of Ohio’s 94th House District, Democratic candidate Sarah Grace in … Continue reading The Richland Wall: Course of Establishment

90 Minute Series: Charlie Savage

OU students welcome New York Times reporter Charlie Savage ATHENS- Ohio University (OU) welcomed reporter Charlie Savage on Wednesday night, to discuss his career as a journalist covering both President Barack Obama, and former President George W. Bush’s administrations, and the importance of unbiased reporting regarding political controversy. As a part of its “90 Minutes” … Continue reading 90 Minute Series: Charlie Savage

Controversial Markings: The Richland Wall

Inklings of racial controversy were written onto the Richland Wall, leaving Ohio University students in a mass uproar. The incident that has arisen is the painting of racial slurs over a mural on the Richland Wall this past Tuesday. The mural, which symbolized a painting of an African Sahara, was covered with the silhouette of … Continue reading Controversial Markings: The Richland Wall