Writing has been a large part of my identity, an unconscious one that I feel has long been inside me. My earliest experiences writing were when I was as a child. Back then, I was shy, and at times I found it difficult to make friends. I was bullied and teased by peers, and I rebelled against their bullying.

I felt no one understood me, and I lashed out to alleviate the pain and isolation. In time, my parents noticed my behavior and sought to correct it. At first, they tried to do so verbally, but I refused to engage in their conversations despite their numerous attempts. The only time I felt comfortable expressing myself was when I was writing.

When I felt alone, lost, discontent or unfulfilled, I channeled those emotions into the compositions I wrote. These emotions then turned into poems, songs or memoirs I would create to further express my inner sentiments. Eventually, I began to enjoy writing about my interests in fashion, movies, comics and music. Writing brought me closure and allowed me to fully convey my thoughts.

From that point, I continued to use my ability to write as a means of self-expression. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school, however, that I considered doing it professionally.

Instead, my initial plans were to pursue pre-physical therapy, but an encounter with a former English professor changed my mind. One day she and I were discussing my aspirations to become a physical therapist, and as we talked she came across an essay I submitted about the NFL’s lack of domestic violence sanctions.

I tried acting as if my attention wasn’t distracted by the pop of the lid from her pen, as her thickly brimmed glasses became fixated on any possible grammatical error I could have committed. After she finished reviewing my essay, she folded the packet, looked up and asked, “Have you ever considered journalism?”

Then I didn’t have an answer, but as the semester began to shorten I continued to reflect on her question. I began to ask myself what I truly loved to do and what inspired me. I wanted a path that allowed me to maintain a sense of elation, and a career that I anticipated every day because of its enjoyment.

A few months before high school graduation, I made my decision: I decided to attend Ohio University to pursue my admission in to the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

I realized that the freedom to create and illustrate my thoughts was something I loved. Contextually molding and crafting a literary piece that had the potential to touch others spiritually, mentally and emotionally was something I could not live without.

As a multimedia journalist, I want to change the way people view the world politically, socially and culturally, and make an impact that transcends beyond the barriers of society.

Through my experiences working for daily newspapers and culture-based magazines, my vision has proven to be more than obtainable. And as I continue my search for full-time employment, I will be looking for editors and other journalists who share a similar mindset. For now, I will continue my passion-filled crusade to tell accurate, objective and inspiring stories.



  1. Very proud to see you doing big things Earl. You’ve taken something that helped you through difficult times and let it become something to serve others, society can ask nothing more from its young people. Go forth my friend and let your light shine, never feel you need to limit yourself for anyone else’s sake.

    “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”

    -Winston Churchill

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